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I have now set up two new pages for Palm Sunday and Easter music, and the large majority of the music that we will be singing is posted. Some of these are more challenging two-part pieces, so the more time you can spend with the recordings, the better they will sound! I am convinced that the reason they sounded so fabulous at their last Mass was because they really had a lot of time to get comfortable with the music so they could really sing their hearts out...therefore, the more they listen and practice, the more easily this new music will come :)

Youtube Playlist for Palm Sunday:

Youtube Playlist for Easter Sunday:


Just a quick note, we are only singing a bit for Palm Sunday, not the whole Mass. We will sing the Introit before Mass and then join in with the Procession around church with the palms. Then we will join the Adult Choir for one song in the middle of Mass (I'll sit down with the kids in the pews and lead them up at the correct time).

Also, this seems to come up every year, but despite it being Lent, we DO need to practice singing "alleluia." Outside of practicing, we should of course adhere to the Church's teaching to refrain from such a joyful expression. However, the Church does understand that we need to practice to be prepared to sing our best for Easter Sunday, and as you will notice in the music, there are a LOT of alleluias! :)


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